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Assistant Director, CVIA

Hanna Rohde, Assistant Director CVIA

Hanna Rohde is an Assistant Director for Fiscal Policy at CVIA.

Hanna began her career working with the Centre in late June of 2023, and quickly became familiar with the federal and international mechanisms achieved for pursuing the mission of the organisation. As Fiscal Director, Hanna has coordinated our fundraising efforts on the ground to ensure continuous execution of our mission. Hanna has also worked with Samad Quraishi on the international mechanisms within the Centre, participating on behalf of the Centre in oral arguments at the United Nations Human Rights Committee during their initial review of the state of Somalia. Hanna closely monitors CVIA's sub-Saharan education for youth portfolio in civics and government, too. 


Hanna has profound experience in the realm of youth advocacy. When she stood outside the polls for thirteen hours, ensuring she was heard, her commitment was unmatched. She joined CVIA to support her beliefs and serve as an ambassador to those who did not have a voice. Hanna is determined to use her power and strength for good.

Hanna has been a major contributor to Project REACH, PERA, and our mission at the United Nations. She has worked with The Fund for Women’s Equality, Equal Rights Amendment Coalition, and has managed social media for both organisations, ensuring the youth are represented. Hanna also works regularly with the Executive Department, ensuring the vision of our legislative team will be executed properly. 

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