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Assistant Director, CVIA

Nia Gouvis, Assistant Director CVIA

Nia Gouvis is an Assistant Director for Public Diplomacy at CVIA.


Nia previously served as an at-large board member, her work beginning with the Centre in July of 2023. Nia's committed and ground to principles of youth engagement, embodying leadership principle the Centre seeks to instil nationwide in herself every day. Nia has led the Centre's public programme in coordinating interviews with over 25 members of Congress themselves, through diligent outreach, communication, and editing. 

Nia has been a consistent warrior for the principles o the Centre. She has worked with the Fund for Women’s Equality and the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition to promote outreach of the youth movement, serving as a key member in Project PERA. Nia has also been a champion in the GOTV movements our organisation has hosted, firmly believing the only way to inflict change is to "do it yourself". 

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