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We're fighting to educate, engage, and empower the youth in the civic processes. The Centre aims to promote respect for the electoral process universally, in a non-politicised manner and in accordance with international and federal laws. In times of democratic instability, we believe the only way to guarantee a secure tomorrow is by engaging the youth of today in government.

Electoral rights, though a central principle of every democracy, are neglected globally. Especially amongst the youth. From rural areas in the Americas to the villages in Somalia, our team has first-hand experience in understanding the lack of civic education programmes, consequently resulting in a lack of engagement.


To boost engagement, the Centre focuses on empowering the youth of today by:

  • developing curriculums in collaboration with state, federal, and global governments; 

  • conducting on-the-ground voter registration and education programmes in electorally disenfranchised areas for youth;

  • facilitating dialogue between youth and policymakers; and

  • crafting legislation to reflect the views and wants of youth.

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