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We offer consulting services to changemakers who are looking to make an impact through policy. Our team has experience, connections, and skills to push forward visions which our clients have, and making them a reality through federal policy. This can be as simple as facilitating dialogue at the White House to organising a complex operation to coordinate a Congressional coalition for your bill.

Our mission is to expand youth engagement in government across a variety of fields. From educational to voting to healthcare policies, our team is committed to allowing our clients to fulfil their visions through legislation. 

Clients are onboarded with our team to create an action plan for their vision, upon which our team is able to research, conduct support polls, and determine how to push forward legislation. We support clients throughout the drafting, advocating, and supporting process to ensure youth-based legislation is accessible to all.

Our consulting services vary to fit the needs of your organisation and mission. Whether that's figuring out a game plan or launching a nationwide movement, we'll be with you every step of the way.

We work with a diverse coalition of changemakers, helping them advance their mission through youth-based policy and facilitating dialogue.

Samad Quraishi and Josselyn Gould consult Congresswoman Frederica Wilson on Capitol Hill, giving advice and insight on the status of civic engagement programmes and youth empowerment in the United States

If you're interested in introducing your youth-based policy to officials but don't know where to begin, we're committed to providing our clients with the resources they need to make change. From staff resources to coordinate meetings with Congressional offices to our vast field of connections, we work relentlessly to provide success to our clients, too. 

Legislative Preparation

Our team works with a variety of seasoned lawmakers, lawyers, non-governmental organisation leaders, and a diverse plethora of civil society representatives to help clients draft policy and legislation for federal enforcement. From providing minor tweaks to creating a bill from scratch, we're working with young leaders to craft policy from ground up.

Facilitating Dialogue

Our clients come to us with a vision, but don't know where to start. Don't know who to talk to. What to say. That's why our consultancy team is committed to connecting other social movements, changemakers, and young leaders with the right officials to properly enact change. Dialogue is a critical step for discussing your ideas and bringing them to the table, and we make sure to connect our clients with those in positions to make change.

Staff Support

Clients have access to our consultant services team, a group of over 100+ CVIA staff working to schedule and setup meetings with policymakers. We'll handle the cold-calling, letter-writing, and outreach initiatives to politicians so our clients can focus on what really matters: their policy ideas and mission. 

Research & Advocacy

Our team primarily works in Washington, D.C. and Geneva, Switzerland. With access to unlimited federal and international mechanisms, we have staff on the ground to help our clients ensure their advocacy efforts are occurring in places they cannot be. We work to conduct research on policymakers, advocate for our client's policies, and coordinate on-the-ground efforts for outreach where our clients cannot. 

If you're interested in bringing your vision to reality, consider our services.

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