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CVIA Launches Federal Dialogue Efforts with White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Centre for Voters Initiative & Action joined the White House’s Office of the Vice President Wednesday, discussing the importance of civic engagement with the White House Counsel. 

Alongside the Vice President’s legal team were staff of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, White House Public Engagement staff, and more. Wednesday marked the Centre’s first major facilitation of youth dialogue, and five members of the executive board attended the meeting. 

Discussed at the meeting was the current White House administration’s support for youth-based policy, and the collaboration resulted in the birth of the High School Voter Empowerment Act. The HSVEA is a bill which allows secondary schools to be designated as voter registration agencies, allowing for federal support for voter registration drives across the United States of America. 

This meeting highlights the role of the Centre in facilitating dialogue, revealing the possibilities for policies which adequately represent the youth, if young people are given the opportunities to have their voices heard. CVIA looks forward to continuing collaboration with the White House and appreciates the Vice President’s support in facilitating policy dialogue centred alongside the youth.  


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