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Centre for Voters White House Meeting With the President’s Advisors

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Centre for Voters Initiative & Action had the honour to facilitate dialogue with the Executive Office of the President at the White House, emphasising the importance of youth empowerment to senior U.S. officials.  

The Centre has been working to expand dialogue between youth leaders and governmental officials. Mr. Justin Vail serves as a special adviser to U.S. President Joe Biden for Democracy & Civic Engagement, also working on the White House Domestic Policy Council. This meeting is another cornerstone of the Centre’s work in creating a diverse plethora of voices influencing governmental policy, ensuring the White House is in continued conversation with staff from the Centre to progress youth dialogue. 

Mr. Samad Quraishi, Ms. Antonia Gouvis, and Ms. Julia Elliot Ortega led these talks, also pushing for the Centre’s sponsored youth policy, including the ability to register to vote. Mr. Vail offered kindness, support, and passion for enacting policy, and the Centre is appreciative to have strong allies in the White House to champion our work.  


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