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Assistant Director, CVIA

Eleanor Liang, Assistant Director CVIA

Eleanor Liang is an Assistant Director for U.S. Programmes at CVIA.


Eleanor previously served as Outreach Director, where she was a primary patron of the advocacy project, "Project REACH". Eleanor’s journey began at a young age, when she found her passion for law and politics. Always excelling in her academics, she decided to take a stand by getting involved in the Centre.

Eleanor's nuanced personality and transcendent wisdom are characteristics which have elevated the Centre's work in the Americas to new levels of success. As head of the Americas, Eleanor develops and designs major policy initiatives and educational toolkits for American governments to use to civically engage the youth. Eleanor frequently engages in dialogue with civic, community, and education leaders to ensure that children are being taught the importances in civic engagement and youth empowerment at an early age.


Eleanor later began working with multiple partner organisations, including Let it Ripple and the Fund for Women’s Equality. Eleanor has been a consistent fighter for justice and youth representation, always ensuring youth consistently has a seat at the table. She coordinated a major meeting with the White House Counsel, and has consistently been a steady leader for the national staff.

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