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Somali Youth Engagement in Public Affairs – CCPR 140th Session

The 140th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee will begin 04 March 2024 at Palais Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. The Centre has been working closely to submit a report on the List of Issues presented for the State of Somalia. 

Somalia ratified the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1990, but never submitted its initial report, due in 1991, to the Committee. The Centre has grown incredibly concerned with the electoral situations on the ground in Somalia.  

Director Mr. Samad QURAISHI and Assistant Director Ms. Hanna ROHDE submitted a report on Somalia’s human rights situation, as pertaining to electoral rights to the Committee in February 2024. The report centres on the lack of civic engagement fueled by lacks in education, child marriage, cultural disadvantages, and the establishment of a culture of fear by militant groups in Somalia.  

The report will be reviewed in Geneva alongside other representatives of civil society during the session, beginning in March 2024.  


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