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Assistant Director, CVIA

Vedansh Garg, Assistant Director CVIA

Vedansh Garg is an Assistant Director for International Programmes at CVIA.


Vedansh was a founding member of the Centre, working closely with Samad Quraishi, Director, to establish the organisation. Vedansh contributed intensely to the legislative initiatives of the Centre in late 2023, especially as pertaining to the High School Voter Empowerment Act. His firm commitment highlights his loyal, intelligent, but also kind character, one which staff have grown to know and enjoy deeply. 

Currently, Vedansh leads international programme efforts to expand the Centre's reach to a global scale through mechanisms available for youth to achieve change. Vedansh led the Centre's NGO delegation to Geneva, CH in July 2023 to testify on the electoral disparities of youth in India, bringing the Centre's work to the first country in the Asian continent. 

Vedansh is a firm believer in youth representation. He worked at Voters of Tomorrow as a state director, overseeing a major component of youth-supported bills being introduced in Virginia state legislature. Prior to joining The Voters Initiative, he served as a social media manager for a major corporation. Vedansh has honed in his youth-advocacy skills by participating in grassroots campaign movements, and has been a major supporter of DENDROFEMENOLOGY®, a tree ring on the National Mall by Tiffany Shlain. Vedansh has also built meaningful connections with the White House, Virginia campaigns, and several other youth advocacy organisations.

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